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If your vehicle seems to be running sluggish or surges unexpectedly, it may be time for new Honda Insight replacement fuel pumps. At All Discount Parts, we streamline the process of finding the right Honda fuel pump by offering quality parts at discount prices. Our extensive inventory of OEM replacement Honda parts has fuel pumps for each and every Honda model, no matter what model or model year. Best of all, we can ship your parts straight to your door.

How Fuel Pumps Work

The modern fuel pump improves on the traditional gravity-based fuel system by utilizing the engine’s fuel injectors to ensure a continuous stream of gasoline is sent to the engine. Usually located in the gas tank for new vehicles, fuel pumps draw petrol from the tank and send it to the carburetor, catalyzing the engine and redirecting unused gasoline back into the fuel tank. This process is highly efficient, but despite its advanced design, it’s sometimes necessary to order Honda Insight replacement fuel pumps to ensure smooth performance.

Knowing When to Replace Your Pump

Because the fuel pump is an integral component of every vehicle, it is important to note when a pump begins to wear or fail. There are several noticeable warning signs you can observe:

  • Loss of Power Under Stress: If your vehicle sputters or stalls when climbing hills or carrying heavy loads, your fuel pump is most likely not sending enough fuel to the carburetor.
  • Surging During Acceleration: When a fuel pump malfunctions, it may circulate an insufficient amount of gas to the engine, causing the car to sputter or jerk when accelerating to higher speeds.
  • Car Wont Start: If you notice your car exhibit any of the previous symptoms then subsequently fail to start, it is probably due to a faulty fuel pump.

The Dangers of Driving with a Faulty Pump

Driving with a bad fuel pump is possible, but possibly very dangerous. If ignored or left unchecked, a worn-out fuel pump can lead to a whole range of problems:

  • Decreased Fuel Efficiency: No matter how fuel-efficient your car may be, if its fuel pump is worn-out, it will waste gas and reduce your overall fuel economy.
  • Breakdown During Use: Driving with a malfunctioning fuel pump may lead to total engine failure, even during operation.
  • Compounded Damage: If a vehicle is used while its fuel pump is faulty, serious damage can accrue in other parts of the car, leading to catastrophic failures and high repair costs.

Order Your Honda Replacement Fuel Pump Today

If you find that your Honda suffers from any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should order your Honda Insight replacement fuel pump from All Discount Parts today. Located at 6025 Arapahoe Road, we have been Boulder’s trusted source of affordable car parts for over forty years. Feel free to call us at 800-651-4832 or contact us online for help with any questions.