Find Top Quality Honda Ridgeline Replacement Brake Calipers at All Discount Parts

The Ridgeline is a tough truck designed to work hard and play hard. As such, you may find that you need to order Honda Ridgeline replacement brake calipers sooner than you’d expect. If you do, come to All Discount Parts first. We have a wide inventory of OEM replacement parts for your Ridgeline, regardless of the model year, and we can ship them directly to your business at wholesale prices.

The Basics on How Brake Calipers Work

Modern brakes are made up of a complex hydraulic system that uses specialized fluid to create pressure in a closed system. When you press the brake pedal in your cabin, the master cylinder releases fluid into the brake lines to pressurize them. This pressure causes your calipers to press the brake pads into the rotors bringing the vehicle to a stop. Damage or excessive wear to the calipers can prevent that process from taking place, leaving you unable to stop your car.

These Signs Indicate It’s Time for Replacement Brake Calipers

While your calipers could last the life of your truck, there are a few key indicators that replacement brake calipers may be in order:

  • Seizing Brakes – Damaged or worn calipers can seize when the brake pedal is pressed and prevent the brakes from releasing, making it very difficult to drive your Ridgeline.
  • Excessive Wear – Calipers that won’t release can cause damage to the brake pads and rotors, wearing them down prematurely. This can lead to more expensive repairs down the road.
  • Leaking Fluid – Brake fluid leaking from the calipers can cause the brake system to lose pressure, preventing your brakes from working at all in an emergency. This can put you and your passengers in danger of a serious accidents.

Order Your Honda Ridgeline Replacement Brake Calipers from All Discount Parts Today

Our parts warehouse, located at 6025 Arapahoe Rd. in Boulder, has the OEM Honda Ridgeline replacement brake calipers you need to keep your truck running like new. Use our easy online order service, or contact us at (800) 651-4832 for help with placing your order now.

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