Honda Pilot Replacement Brakes

The Honda Pilot is a burly SUV capable of towing large loads and hauling many passengers. Because midsized SUVs are large, their brakes take a beating, so it’s important you know how to detect for signs of failure in your Pilot’s system. If you’re not sure about when your Honda Pilot brakes need tending to, refer to our guide. And if you think you need Honda Pilot replacement brakes, All Discount Parts stocks Honda OEM brakes for every Honda model and year and can get them to your door within days.

Symptoms of Brake Failure

The Honda Pilot’s brakes are the number-one preventative measure against accidents, which is why you should always be diligent when it comes to protecting them. If you detect any of the following symptoms of brake failure while driving, have your brakes inspected immediately:

  • Sluggish Acceleration: If your vehicle takes a while to accelerate due to excessive drag, your brakes may be permanently compressed, which means your pads and rotors are being worn down to bits.
  • Noise: If a loud clicking or squealing noise occurs while braking, you’ve likely worn out your brake pads and should have them replaced immediately.
  • Drifting: If your vehicle drifts when you brake, it’s possible that the brakes on one side of your car are overpowering the others, which can mean that your brakes on the weaker side are showing signs of failure.

In the event that you need one or more brake system components replaced, you can always order OEM Honda Pilot brakes from All Discount Parts.

We Stock Genuine OEM Parts for Honda Brakes

For the utmost in durability and added investment protection, All Discount Parts carries OEM Honda Pilot brake parts that are covered by a warranty. A popular sampling of brake components we carry includes:

  • Calipers: These pistons grip your brake pads and are used to press the pads to the rotor. Calipers should be inspected during regular maintenance and replaced if brake fluid is leaking.
  • Brake Pads: Due to their constant exposure to friction against the rotor, brake pads wear out periodically and should be replaced after 10,000 to 15,000 miles, depending upon how you drive.
  • Brake Line: Your brake line is the direct line of communication between your brake pedal and the system itself. Have your brake lines examined for corrosion or deterioration during routine services.

If you need to invest in any one of these components, make sure to choose OEM Pilot brakes. They not only come with a warranty, but they’re proven to last longer, and unlike the aftermarket parts you’ll find at your corner shop, OEM parts don’t undermine the terms of your original manufacturer warranty.

Shop Honda Pilot Replacement Brakes at All Discount Parts

When your brake system parts need replacing, make sure to order OEM components online from All Discount Parts. For questions or concerns about our service, contact us online or call at 800-651-4832.