Honda Odyssey Replacement Brakes

The spacious and family friendly Honda Odyssey is a popular minivan that relies on a responsive brake system to keep all occupants as safe as possible. However, since the Honda Odyssey is a large minivan, more stopping power is required to bring it to a halt. In general, mini-vans can wear through brakes relatively quickly. At All Discount Parts, we have Odyssey brakes for sale for every model year. We also stock Honda replacement brakes for every other Honda model. Whatever you need, we’ll ship it right to your door within days.

How Honda Brakes Work

The most important safety feature the Honda Odyssey offers is its brake system. This system is composed of four primary parts:

  • Brake Pads: Disc brakes use two brake pads mounted to calipers, which press the pads against the brake rotor, bringing the Odyssey to a stop. They should be checked for wear periodically and can be changed every 10,000 miles or so.
  • Rotors: The rotor is what the wheel is mounted to, and when your brake pads grind into them, the friction causes the wheel to slow down. Depending upon your driving habits, rotors can last anywhere from 15,000 to 70,000 miles.
  • Calipers: The pistons that press the brake pads into the rotor are the calipers. They grip your brake pads and, pushed by the hydraulic pressure of released brake fluid, they move those pads into the rotors. If you ever notice any leaking brake fluid, replace your calipers immediately.
  • Brake Lines: To transport brake fluid to your calipers, the Odyssey uses brake lines. Rubber lines should be checked periodically for deterioration. If you have metal lines, check for rust.

Signs of Wear

To best protect yourself and your passengers, be on the lookout for these signs of brake system wear:

  • Unresponsiveness: If you’re having any difficulty slowing your Odyssey down or bringing it to a stop, you should have brakes inspected.
  • High-pitched Noises: If you hear a high-pitched squeal when you apply your brakes, chances are you’ve worn through your brake pads.
  • Pulsation: If you feel a steady throb in your brake pedal when you apply it, there could be a problem with your brake line, and you should get it inspected.

If you’ve noticed one or more of these occurrences, let All Discount Parts help bring your brake system back to its former glory.

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