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There are few family vehicles more iconic than the minivan, and Honda has done an excellent job at making their Odyssey one of the most popular minivans in the world for 20 years now. With Honda engineering one of the more dependable and fuel efficient options for families, many drivers have taken great care of their Odyssey over the years and have tried to get the most out of it.

But even the most dependable and well-constructed vehicle needs replacement parts eventually. Whether it's through normal wear and tear on brake pads or a catastrophic engine issue, many drivers find themselves in need of replacement parts for their Honda Odyssey eventually. And here at All Discount Parts, we have every Honda replacement part or piece you could need for your minivan, in like-new condition and conveniently available online right from your computer.

Honda Odyssey Replacement Parts For Every Model Year

The Odyssey started production in 1994, and whether you have the oldest Honda minivan in the country or you picked yours up with the start of the fourth generation in 2011, we have the parts for you.

You can imagine that there have been quite a few parts changes over the years, but even with changes made to the Odyssey, we make it our job to stock any part you could need. Take a look at some of the updates that came to the fourth-gen Odyssey:

  • New Headlights: The Odyssey had the choice of either projector headlamps or HID xenon headlamps.
  • Stowable Third-Row 60/40 Folding Bench Seat: For added versatility, Honda gave their Odyssey a more customizable cargo area thanks to the 60/40-bench seat.
  • Six-Speed Automatic Transmission: To match the standard V6 of the Odyssey, engineers developed a new transmission for Touring and above trims.

From Wiring to Windshields, We Have it All

When you buy a new or used car, you typically accept the fact that some parts are going to wear out and need replacing. And while a timing belt may last 100,000 miles, you know that your brake pads aren't going to. Whatever it is you need for your Odyssey, we have the parts, including some of the most commonly replaced ones:

  • Headlights: Whether it's a component in your headlight like a wire connection or just the standard or HID bulbs, headlights need replacing regularly. This one depends on how often you drive at night and in what conditions more than anything else. Even if they're going strong, it's not a bad idea to replace your headlights every few years just in case.
  • Brakes: Like your headlights, your brakes have many different parts to them. Most commonly, you'll need to replace your brake pads anywhere from 20-50,000 miles depending on how you drive. Every time you apply the brakes, your brake pads wear down. You can even check them by looking at them through the spokes of your wheels. If they are at less than a quarter inch, you should replace them soon.
  • Wiper Blades: You would not believe how many drivers keep using wiper blades long after they need replacing. All it takes is one brutal winter to crack and split the rubber in your wipers. That's why you should replace your wiper blades every year or so, or more frequently if they need it.
  • Belts: Both serpentine and timing belts eventually need to be replaced, and while they typically last until 60,000 miles or more, they are also not an engine component you want to break on the road. Check your manual for the exact lifespan, or ask your mechanic to check your belts at your next oil change to get an idea of when you should replace them.
  • Fuses: Most drivers don't think about these, but if you have any electrical problems at all in your vehicle—or if your fuses just get old—you could save yourself some costly problem solving by switching in new fuses. Approximately 1% of drivers have to replace their fuses in a year.

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

2014 Honda Odyssey InteriorWhether you're buying fuses or engine fittings, our Honda part selection is one of the best around, as we have OEM parts in stock ready to be sent right to your doorstep. You may have heard that aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts, but the consequence of buying a cheaper part is getting a cheaper part. Aftermarket parts frequently are made to be more generic than OEM parts, making them easy fits for a variety of vehicles, and that means they are not a perfect fit for yours.

Additionally, aftermarket parts are not held up to the same standards as OEM parts. When you get an OEM Honda part, you know that that part, whatever it is, was designed with the full specifications of your vehicle in mind and made with high-quality materials. And that's why OEM parts tend to outlast aftermarket parts, making them a far better investment. And when it comes to Honda brake components, we have a full stock so that you can make sure some of the most important and potentially life-saving elements of your vehicle are backed by Honda quality.

Here are just a few more reasons to go with OEM over aftermarket:

  • 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on all parts, redeemable at any certified Honda or Kia dealer in the country
  • Confidence of having a part that is built specifically for your vehicle that meets Honda's standards of excellence.
  • It's easier to choose your part, since you don't have to browse through the nearly infinite number of aftermarket brands. There’s only one right part for your minivan, and it’s from Honda.
  • OEM parts are especially important in collision repairs, making sure that everything fits perfectly and your vehicle still has the proper crumple zones.

Begin Your Search For Honda Odyssey Parts

Whatever it is you need, we have the parts for your Honda Odyssey. Browse online to get an idea of our incredible variety and then place your order. We'll have your parts on your doorstep as soon as possible. Remember, we are an authorized Honda dealer, but we can sell parts to you at wholesale prices for great savings. That's the trust you want from an auto dealer with prices that make OEM parts a steal!