Replacement Honda Keyless Entry Remotes

Honda's keyless entry systems are one of the greatest conveniences in the modern auto world — we rely on them every day to unlock our doors or pop our trunks. You probably don't think about how often you use your keyless entry key fob, but the fact is that the average driver uses theirs at least a few times a day. And like all parts, the keyless entry remote and sensors need replacement periodically.

So when you need official Honda replacement parts, including those for your keyless entry system, come to us at All Discount Parts. We'll ship you out replacement remotes, batteries, sensors, and more.

What is Keyless Entry?

If you've ever been in a hurry, you know how frustrating it can be to fumble for your keys and try to unlock your door. Remote keyless entry is the system you'll find on nearly every Honda vehicle of the modern age, and it lets you unlock your doors with the push of a button.

How Does Remote Keyless Entry Work?

Your Honda key fob sends out a short-range radio signal when you press the button to unlock your doors, and a sensor in your Honda picks it up and unlocks them—often accompanied by a beep or two and a flash of your headlights. Now, you probably already see two parts that could need replacing, though there's a third common one as well:

  • Receiver in your Honda 
  • Your Honda key fob 
  • Key fob battery

Because of how often you use your keyless entry key fob, these parts often need replacing more frequently than you would expect. Of course, that's just the start of the keyless entry replacement parts we have, but whatever you need replaced, we've got it in stock for you at All Discount Parts.

Honda Keyless Entry Replacement

We have the following Honda keyless entry replacement parts in stock for every model and year:

  • Remote control transmitter for keyless entry and alarm 
  • Keyless entry module 
  • Keyless entry antenna 
  • Keyless entry receiver unit 
  • Keyless entry system   

Now, you could certainly find some comparable third-party replacement parts, but the fact is that whenever you're doing work on your Honda, you should be using official Honda replacement parts. Your keyless entry system may not seem like something you would need to invest in OEM parts for, and yet if you don't have official Honda parts, can you trust that someone else's key fob won't open your doors? Or that yours will work consistently?

As if those aren't big enough fears, Honda's OEM parts and equipment are backed by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty, including replacement keyless entry remotes and accessories.

Order Your Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Today

Whether you lost your remote or just need a replacement battery for it, we want to help. We'll ship you out an official Honda replacement remote as soon as you order it, along with any other official Honda parts you need!