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Your air filter is a vital part of your vehicle’s engine. Without it, your fuel won’t receive the oxygen-rich air needed for internal combustion. If it’s time to order your Honda Insight replacement air filter, visit All Discount Parts. We have what you need to keep your Insight running strong and can have it shipped to your door for near wholesale prices.

What Do Air Filters Do?

An internal combustion engine requires three basic ingredients to operate – Air, Spark, and Fuel. Clean air is drawn into the system through the air filter, where it mixes with vaporized fuel from the fuel system. When the correct balance is reached, a spark from the spark plugs ignites the mixture, causing internal combustion.

This process moves the pistons, which turn the crankshaft, powering the engine. This is a process that a healthy engine completes hundreds of times per minute while in operation. A dirty air filter can compromise the air flow needed for this to happen efficiently, affecting your vehicle’s performance.

How Can a Dirty Air Filter Affect Your Car?

Keeping your air filter clean will ensure that dirt and debris cannot make their way into your system. Experts recommend replacing your air filter every 12,000 – 15,000 miles to prevent damage and ensure proper operation. Neglecting this can lead to some nasty side effects:

  • Reduced Fuel Economy – Reduced air flow can cause your vehicle to use more fuel to create combustion.
  • Increased Emissions – Poor air flow can affect our vehicle’s emissions control system, causing the air/fuel mixture to become too fuel rich, increasing emissions.
  • Engine Deposits – A poor air/fuel mixture can increase spark plug deposits, making proper combustion difficult.
  • Decreased Horsepower – Deposits and poor air flow can cause your vehicle to respond sluggishly, preventing you from getting the power you need.
  • Misfire/Backfire – Deposits can lead to misfires within the engine, as well as a rough idle and embarrassing backfires.

Choosing OEM Honda Insight replacement air filters ensures that you get factory quality parts that are designed to fit your Insight and keep it running like new longer.

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