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Did you know that your engine woes could all be fixed by a replacement fuel filter for your Honda? If you've found that your car is having trouble starting, or has been stalling and hesitating while driving, a blocked fuel filter could be keeping gasoline from reaching your engine and doing its job.

Once you order your Honda fuel filter replacement from All Discount Parts, we'll ship it right to your door, and you can switch out your old fuel filter with an OEM replacement part that's designed specifically for your vehicle.

How a Fuel Filter Works

The last thing you want is to get contaminants or debris in your engine; that's why you have an air filter, an oil filter, and a fuel filter. Most fuel filters are made from a heat-resistant mesh wrapped in a plastic or metal housing with two openings for the incoming fuel and the outgoing, filtered fuel.

Where to Find the Fuel Filter

The exact location of your fuel filter will depend on the car, but it should always be somewhere between the fuel tank and either the fuel injection system on newer cars or the carburetor on older vehicles. It should look like a small cylinder with a hose going in one end and out the other.

You'll likely find the fuel filter underneath your car or mounted on the firewall under the hood; if you're having trouble finding it, refer to your owner's manual.

Clogged Fuel Filter Symptoms

Like all filters, the fuel filter on your Honda can get clogged if it isn't replaced regularly, and this can lead to significant damage to your engine. Telltale signs of a clogged fuel filter include:

  • Car Won't Start: A totally blocked fuel filter can keep your engine from starting, period. 
  • Car is Hard to Start: A partially clogged fuel filter could cause your car to turn over a few times before starting. 
  • Engine Hesitation or Frequent Stalling: If your engine hesitates after you put your foot to the pedal or it stalls while idling, a clogged fuel filter could be keeping gasoline from reaching the engine. 
  • Irregular Engine Performance: Unless your Honda's fuel filter is fully clogged, the behavior could be different from day to day, depending on driving conditions, how full your gas tank is, and just how badly clogged it is.

Professional Fuel Filter Replacement

There is not a simple answer to “how often should I change my fuel filter?” Some manufacturers will recommend a replacement after reaching 50,000 miles. Others will recommend that the filter be replaced as needed.

If you've started to notice any of the problems we've mentioned above, though, you're in need of a new fuel filter, and if you order your Honda fuel filter replacement from us, we will ship you an OEM replacement part that is built to outperform and outlast equivalent aftermarket parts.

After you have your OEM replacement Honda fuel filter in hand, replacing it is pretty simple. However, if you don’t have the right skillset or professional experience, we highly recommend you seek a mechanic to install it. Because it’s simply process, it won’t be expensive, but working on a fuel system can be extremely dangerous. If you do have professional experience with fuel systems, then here are a few simple steps to take as you install your filter:

  • First, relieve the pressure in your fuel line. This can be done by letting your car sit overnight, removing the fuse to your fuel pump, and venting pressure from the fuel system using a pressure gauge. 
  • Next, release the fuel line from the filter. Be sure to use a quick lock coupling removal tool to safely disconnect your hoses if they are connected with quick locks. Otherwise remove hose clamps as normal. 
  • Remove the old fuel filter and inspect your fuel lines for damage. Keep a pan beneath everything that any stray gasoline can drip into. 
  • Replace the incoming and outgoing fuel lines if necessary. Then secure your new OEM Honda fuel filter with new quick lock couplings or hose clamps.

As a precaution, remember to wear eye protection at all times—the fuel lines are under high pressure—and keep all flames and heat sources away from your work area. It's easy to replace your own fuel filter, but you remember to be incredibly careful while doing so.

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We ship OEM Honda replacement parts, including fuel filters, all over the country. For a part as important as the fuel filter, you're going to want to ensure you have only the best quality parts, and here at All Discount Parts, we ship out OEM replacement parts at wholesale prices six days a week to best serve you.

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