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If you’ve recently experienced a misfire, a backfire, decreased fuel economy, or decreased acceleration, you may need new Honda Fit replacement spark plugs. At All Discount Parts, we carry Honda replacement spark plugs for every model and year and can ship them to your door at a wholesale price.

What Do Spark Plugs Do?

Spark plugs are attached to your vehicle’s electrical system by wires. When you turn your ignition or hit the accelerator, you send electricity up those wires and into the spark plugs.

There’s a tiny gap at the end of the spark plug between its electrode and conductor, which forces the electricity to jump. This creates the spark that ignites the vaporized fuel in your engine, causing combustion. In something of a domino effect, the combustion moves the pistons, which turn your crankshaft. The crankshaft sets all of your engine’s other small-moving parts into motion, and the vehicle rolls forward.

How Often Should I Replace My Spark Plugs, and What Kind Should I Get?

Spark plugs can become worn with time, or fouled by a number of environmental factors, such as the deposits that overly fuel-rich vapor will create, or the stress of reigniting in frequent stop-and-go traffic. If your vehicle has begun to stall, misfire, backfire, or you’ve noticed decreased fuel economy, a bad spark plug may just be the culprit. However, even if you aren’t experiencing any of these signs, we recommend you err on the safe side and replace your spark plugs every 30,000 miles.

To find the best plugs for your vehicle’s year and model, simply visit the search page at All Discount Parts, select your model and its year in the browser, and we’ll show you exactly what you need.

If you think you may need Honda Fit replacement spark plugs, be sure that you only replace your old ones with OEM components, which have been designed by Honda to help your model run exactly as it was intended to.

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When you’re ready for OEM Honda Fit replacement spark plugs, choose All Discount Parts. We can ship them to your door at a wholesale price in no time at all. If you have any questions, contact us online or by phone at (800) 651-4832.