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All Discount Parts stocks Honda spark plugs for all models and years, and that includes Honda CR-V replacement spark plugs—no matter the year of your CR-V. Most drivers don't quite know how important spark plugs are for their Honda CR-V, let alone what they do or how to replace them. We're more than just parts salesmen here at All Discount Parts—we know how all of our parts work and can help you with installing your Honda spark plugs.

After you've finished reading our primer on spark plugs, you should be ready to install your Honda CR-V replacement spark plugs when they arrive at your door.

How Spark Plugs Work

Spark plugs are the part of your engine that helps ignite the fuel that pumps all four of your CR-V's cylinders, but for how important they are, your spark plugs are pretty simple devices. Spark plugs are electrodes wrapped in ceramic on one end and exposed on the other end. When electricity hits your spark plugs, a small gap between the electrode on the exposed end and some conducting metal make that electrical charge jump, creating a spark.

When that spark forms, the mixture of gasoline and oxygen in the cylinder ignites, the cylinder moves, and your wheels turn. It's that simple. Now, the lifespan of your spark plugs will depend on the kind you have—aftermarket spark plugs simply don't last as long as OEM plugs—but on average, you can expect to get 30,000 miles out of a given spark plug.

If you have a busted spark plug, your engine will likely keep running, but one of your cylinders will not fire. Repeatedly running your engine down a cylinder can cause significant damage if it's not corrected—and when one of your spark plugs goes, you should look toward replacing the whole set.

How to Change Your Honda Spark Plugs

Changing out your spark plugs is not necessarily a job that your mechanic has to do, but if you're ever uncomfortable performing a repair job, you should contact a pro.

Here's how to change your spark plugs:

  • Look up the location of your spark plugs in the CR-V owner's manual.
  • Label your spark plug wires and spark plugs with tape and a marker to reconnect them in the right order, then disconnect your spark plug wires carefully.
  • Use a socket wrench with a spark plug attachment to remove your spark plugs.
  • Measure the spark plug gap on your old spark plugs and ensure your replacements have the right gap.
  • Replace the spark plugs and reconnect your spark plug wires, being careful not to over-tighten.

As we said before, OEM Honda CR-V replacement spark plugs will work as the manufacturer intended while aftermarket parts of any kind tend to be cheap and have shorter lifespans. Don't settle for anything less than OEM Honda spark plugs for your CR-V.

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