Honda CR-V Replacement Brakes

The Honda CR-V is a maneuverable crossover that provides rugged drivability while offering high fuel economy numbers. The CR-V is generally regarded as a passenger vehicle and because passenger vehicles are larger, they put added stress on your brakes. If you’re driving a crossover, it’s especially important that you know how your brake system works and how to detect for signs of failure. That’s why we’ve put together this guide. At All Discount Parts, we want to ensure you’re driving in utter safety. We only stock genuine OEM Honda replacement brakes, which have been built with high-quality materials and fit your Honda perfectly. Best of all, we’ll ship those parts right to your door within days.

The Basic Parts of Your Honda CR-V Replacement Brakes

When faced with replacing CR-V brakes, it’s important to know about the primary components that make up this vehicle’s brake system. The basic brake system parts include:

  • Brake Lines: Generally made up of metal or rubber, your brake lines deliver brake fluid to your calipers, which then press the brake pads to your rotors. If your brake lines aren’t functioning properly, you’re at risk of an accident. Have them inspected for deterioration whenever you get your routine maintenance.
  • Brake Pads: Your brake pads are attached to your calipers. They are used to slow the rotor and ultimately bring your vehicle to a stop. Brake pads should be inspected every 10,000 miles.
  • Rotors: Your wheels are mounted to rotors, and when your brake pads grind into your rotors, the wheels slow down. Over time, your rotors might require shaving due to the constant friction caused by your brake pads. Have them inspected every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

If one part of your brake system fails, it compromises the others. When replacing your Honda CR-V brakes, it’s particularly important that you only buy parts of the highest quality.

Genuine OEM Quality

At All Discount Parts, we only stock genuine OEM Honda CR-V replacement brakes. Genuine OEM parts are built by Honda to perfectly fit your vehicle, so it can run exactly as it was intended to. While they may be more expensive than the aftermarket parts you’ll find at the corner store, they’re much more durable, and you’ll make back what little extra you pay at the start in savings. Here are a few other advantages of going OEM:

  • Resale Value: OEM parts help your Honda retain its overall resale value.
  • Warranty: Each OEM component comes with a warranty that’s good for 12,000 miles or 12 months. They also ensure that you’re in compliance with your original manufacturer warranty’s contract. Going aftermarket could undermine that contract’s terms.
  • Quality: Unlike aftermarket parts, OEM parts tend to last longer due to the finer materials their built with.

Order Honda CR-V Replacement Brakes from All Discount Parts

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