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The Honda CR-V, the popular compact SUV based on Honda’s Civic line, is designed with active families in mind. With one of the highest customer satisfaction and safety ratings in the industry, it’s easy to see why Honda’s little crossover is so popular with consumers. Because of its popularity, many drivers will eventually need affordable and reliable CR-V replacement parts. All Discount Parts is pleased to deliver all parts you need to keep your Honda running and looking like new, and we do it for less than you might think.

Based out of Boulder, CO, All Discount Parts ships orders daily throughout the United States. You can conveniently place an order online and avoid shopping around for the auto parts your vehicle requires.

Find OEM Parts for the CR-V Through the Years

The CR-V has undergone a number of upgrades since it was initially introduced in the U.S. in 1997. Now in its fourth generation, the CR-V boasts plenty of standard amenities such as Eco Assist, a multi-angle rearview camera with guidelines, and a remote entry system.

Even with so many changes between model years, you can still depend on All Discount Parts to have the CR-V replacement parts that you need. We carry OEM parts from every generation to ensure that your vehicle remains on the road for many years to come.

All Discount Parts Offers the Full Range of Honda CR-V Replacement Parts

Regardless of the age of your vehicle, if you use it, you’re likely to see wear and tear after a few years. All Discount Parts offers a full range of replacement parts in stock to keep you on the road, including some of the most frequently replaced parts:

  • Exterior Lights: Brake lights, headlights, indicators, and fog lights are bound to burn out with use. Although these components are replaced as needed, it is important to do so right away to help prevent an accident or traffic ticket.
  • Brake Rotors: Absolutely essential for stopping when you want to, replacing the brake rotors in your vehicle can be expensive, and waiting for your local shop to get the right ones in can keep you off the road. Approximately 4 percent of drivers have to get new brake rotors every year. All Discount Parts has the rotors and brake pads your vehicle needs for an affordable price.
  • Fuses: When your vehicle is experiencing electrical problems, you may be worried that fixing the issue could be quite expensive. However, many times it is simply a fuse that needs to be replaced. Almost 1 percent of drivers need new fuses each year.
  • Spark Plugs: Spark plugs are a key component of an engine, and although some spark plugs claim that they can last for over 100,000 miles, that is typically not the case. Regularly updating spark plugs every 30,000 miles or so is recommended.
  • Bumpers: Little fender benders can add up to a big expense when it comes time to replace the unit – if you can find a replacement. All Discount Parts can get you the part you need without breaking the bank.

Honda OEM Parts are the Best Way to Go

All Discount Parts ships only factory certified OEM parts for your vehicle. OEM parts are designed to directly replace your factory parts, without any modifications or grunt work needed. While OEM parts might, in some cases, appear to be a little costlier than aftermarket parts, there are a variety of reasons why spending a little more now makes a great deal of sense in the long run:

·      Higher Quality: OEM parts are generally higher quality than aftermarket parts, which can be made with lower quality materials and reduced production standards. This means that the OEM parts you buy now will last longer, eliminating the need for early replacement.

·      Plug and Play: OEM parts are designed to directly replace your factory parts, eliminating the uncertainty that often comes with aftermarket products.

·      Simple Selection: The part you need is easier to find. Simply tell the parts professional what you need, and that’s exactly what you get. There is no guesswork that comes with too many options.

·      Warranty: Because aftermarket parts producers are looking to reduce costs, the parts you buy often have little or no warranty. With OEM Honda parts, you get a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty that comes standard. You can even redeem your warranty at any Honda dealer in the country.

·      Value: Though sometimes more costly to buy, OEM parts are far more cost-effective in the long run, maintaining your vehicle’s warranty and maximizing resale value down the road.


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When you want quality OEM parts for your vehicle, but need to keep to a budget, there’s really only one place to go. All Discount Parts will save you time, money, energy, and keep your car looking and running like it did the day you brought it home. Contact us online today and see how we can save you money on the parts you need for your Honda CR-V.