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Spark plugs create the spark that your engine uses to ignite and combust fuel. If your Honda Civic has been stalling at ignition or it’s seen a few misfires, it could be time for Honda Civic replacement spark plugs. At All Discount Parts, we stock all of the Honda replacement spark plugs, regardless of model or year, and can ship them to your doorstep within days. If you haven’t changed out your worn spark plugs before, read on to learn everything you’ll need to know.

When Should I Replace My Honda Spark Plugs, and What Kind Should I Get?

Spark plugs can wear from exposure to bad fuel, bad air from a dirty filter, and the overuse they see when reigniting your engine in stop-and-go traffic. A fouled plug can result in a dead start, a stalled start, or even misfires and backfires, which can seriously damage your engine. It’s important to have them inspected at every tune-up, but the general rule is that you should change your plugs every 30,000 miles.

To find the right kind of plugs for your Civic, simply enter your trim and year in our inventory’s search bar, and we’ll show you the exact kind of plugs that you need.

How to Replace Honda Civic Spark Plugs

Replacing spark plugs isn’t difficult, however, we recommend that you only undertake this potentially dangerous procedure if you have proper training.

To install your Honda Civic replacement spark plugs:

  1. Gather your tools.
  2. Check the engine to make sure it is cool to the touch to prevent burn injury.
  3. Find the spark plug wires and trace them back to the plugs. Once you find them, mark the order in which each one is arranged with tape and a marking pen. Each spark plug will have a different gap length (which is what causes the size of the spark), and it’s important that you remember exactly where you should place your new plugs, according to their gap lengths.
  4. Very carefully remove the wires from each plug. Use a specialty tool if you have one to prevent damage to the wires.
  5. Attach the specialty socket to your extender and very carefully remove the spark plug. Inspect it for signs of damage and decay.
  6. If it shows signs of wear, replace it and the remaining plugs.
  7. Retrieve your new plugs, checking to ensure that they each have the appropriate gap (this information should also be in your manual).
  8. Using your specialty socket, carefully place each new plug, being careful not to cross-thread them in the process.
  9. Re-attach the plug wires, paying close attention to the markings you made when removing them to ensure they are in proper order. Remove the masking tape.

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