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Honda Civic air filters are an essential, often overlooked, part of your engine’s system. Air filters are responsible for getting your engine the clean, oxygen-rich air it needs to combust fuel efficiently. Knowing when to change them and where to get them will help you improve your vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, and longevity.

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The Effects of a Dirty Honda Civic Air Filter

In order for your engine to burn fuel efficiently, it must have clean air. A soiled air filter will not only allow dirt into your engine, but can inhibit air flow as well, making it impossible for your engine to perform well. 

Some of the ways that a dirty air filter can harm your Civic include:

  • Loss of power – As mentioned, a lack of clean air means poor combustion, which will lead to a reduction in horsepower as your engine struggles to burn fuel at the rate it needs to function normally.
  • Higher fuel consumption – Poor combustion leads to more fuel being used to produce acceleration.
  • Engine damage – Worn filters can allow debris to enter the engine, which can damage components and lead to unnecessary repairs.

When Should I Replace My Honda Air Filter?

If you aren’t sure if your vehicle’s performance issues are due to a bad air filter, pull it out and inspect it carefully. If you notice any of the following issues with your Honda Civic air filter, it’s time to order a new one:

  • Darkening – If your filter appears to be darkened or discolored, it’s probably not filtering fresh air effectively.
  • Holes – If you notice holes or tears in your filter, it could be letting debris into the engine and should be replaced.
  • Fouled spark plugs – Fouled plugs can be a sign that your vehicle is burning more fuel than it needs because the fuel/air ratio is off. 
  • It’s been more than 12,000 miles since your last filter change – Because some debris—such as pollen—can be difficult to detect, experts recommend replacement every 12-15,000 miles. 

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