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There are few cars as well-known as the Honda Civic, which first entered production in 1972 as a coupe. Honda has made quite a few versions since then, spanning nine generations over four decades. No matter what model year of this practical, fuel-efficient small car you drive, you can order OEM Honda Civic parts online!

Here at All Discount Auto Parts, we have everything you could need for keeping your Civic in top shape, no matter the model year. Our family-owned business is based out of Boulder, CO, but we ship Civic parts all over the country, keeping Honda's fleet of iconic small cars running for years and years.

2012 Honda Civic Coupe

OEM Civic Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

While the Civic has long been thought of as an affordable small car option for the average driver, that's a reputation that's built on incredibly well-designed and precision-engineered parts and equipment. We know it can be tempting to save money on aftermarket parts, but if you want your Civic to run to the best of its ability, you need OEM Honda Civic parts, hands down.

Aftermarket parts are cheaper for some very important reasons:

  • Not specifically designed for your car but a variety of them
  • Produced using lower quality materials
  • Manufacturers know they don't last as long as OEM

When you invest in OEM parts, investing is exactly what you're doing. The Civic can last for decades when properly cared for, but that means giving it the parts and equipment that are designed to work specifically for it, not some cheap imitation.

OEM Parts to Fit Your Model’s Generation

We mentioned that there have been nine generations of the Civic produced—with the most recent being released in 2011—but no matter the model year you have, we have the parts you need.

The ninth-generation Civic not only featured some major changes from the eighth-gen models, but it also saw a facelift very early on to enhance several parts. You might expect that to mean that it will be difficult to get parts for these models, but that could not be further from the truth.

Updates to the ninth generation Civic include:

  • New technology elements
  • Updated steering wheel with mounted controls
  • Brand-new four-cylinder engine
  • Choice of manual or continuously variable transmission
  • And much more

All Types of Honda Civic Parts

Whatever you need for your Civic, we stock it at All Discount Auto Parts. Some parts have a higher demand than others—often because they can wear out easily. Here are some of our most common Civic replacement parts and how long you can expect them to last:

  • Brake Pads: Depending on your driving style, your brake pads can last for as long as 5 years or 80,000 miles or as short as 3 years or 30,000 miles. Regardless of when they need replacing, they need to be replaced promptly when they start to go out to avoid seriously damaging your rotors.
  • Windshield Wiper Blades: While your climate could reduce windshield wiper blade life spans to as little as one year, many drivers are able to get a good two years out of a set of wipers. Check for any rigidity or cracking in the rubber to see if yours need replacing.
  • Belts: Although serpentine and timing belts have different lifespans, once you pass the 60,000-mile marker, you'll want to start looking into their performance. Serpentine belts can go for as long as 75,000 miles or more, and timing belts can easily break 100,000 miles, but you don't want to take any chances on these important engine components.
  • Headlights: Barring any electrical trouble, your average Civic headlights can last from 5-7 years depending on the amount of night driving you do. If you find yourself replacing them more often, consider looking into your vehicle's electrical system.
  • Alternator: While the alternator is one of the most frequently requested parts we have in stock, we also know that it is often replaced when it doesn't need to be. Many electrical troubles can seem like alternator problems when there's actually something else causing them. Many alternators last for the lifetime of the vehicle, but if your alternator starts to go before at least five years, look for other causes first. When you need your new alternator, though, we've got one waiting.

Search For the Honda Civic Part You Need!

You can never know what life is going to throw at you, and keeping a garage stocked with all the Civic parts you need is impractical for your average driver. That's where All Discount Auto Parts comes in. Let us know what parts you need for your Civic and we'll ship high-quality OEM replacements out to you as soon as possible. Don't settle for anything less!

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