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Most drivers know that they have to replace their brake pads regularly, but few give any thought to the other parts of the braking system, like your rotors. How do you know when your Honda needs replacement brake rotors before they go out on you? That's what we're here to tell you. You see, here at All Discount Parts, we not only stock OEM replacement Honda parts for all makes and models, we let you know why OEM parts matter and how to tell when you need new parts, including brake rotors.

How Do Brake Rotors Work?

You may have heard your Honda's rotors referred to as “discs” before—that's where the term “disc brakes” comes from—and if you know anything about the disc braking system, it's that your calipers close around your rotor and press the brake pads into the disc to slow down your wheel and bring the car to a stop.

Because of the kind of wear your rotors endure, they clearly are made of some pretty tough stuff, but eventually they will take enough of a beating that they need replacing. If you regularly wait too long to change your brake pads, that can lead to your rotors wearing out a bit early as well.

Types of Brake Rotors

There are two main types of brake rotors these days: slotted and drilled. They're just what they sound like.

  • Drilled brake rotors have holes drilled in them to more evenly distribute the heat — which can be great for performance driving, but the holes decrease surface area which reduces stopping power and can even lead to the rotors cracking. 
  • Slotted brake rotors, on the other hand, are solid discs that have grooves cut into them to allow gas, heat, and water to move away from the surface of the rotors. The downside to the slotted rotors is that they tend to wear brake pads down much more quickly. 

Truck brake rotors work similarly, though they are often made of sterner stuff—after all, a truck is much more massive than a car and will have to worry about distributing the energy from a greater braking force.

When to Replace Your Brake Rotors

How do you know when to replace your brake rotors? Well, the short answer is that you need to inspect them to know for sure. While it's always smart to check your rotors whenever you replace your brake pads, that may not be regular enough to ensure your car is healthy and happy.

If you notice any signs of failing brakes, always check your rotors as well. Some signs include:

  • Squealing 
  • Pulling in One Direction 
  • Growling or Grinding 
  • Vibration

In general, we recommend you take a look at your brake rotors every 10,000 miles or so and inspect for any scoring or cracking. Each vehicle's rotors have a specified thickness, and if they wear too thin, you jeopardize the safety of your vehicle and yourself. Some mechanics will tell you that they can resurface a rotor by wearing it down and polishing it smooth, but we always recommend a replacement, especially when you buy easily affordable replacement Honda brake rotors from All Discount Parts.

How Much Does Brake Rotor Replacement Cost?

When you buy Honda replacement rotors from All Discount Parts, the cost can vary from $55-90 depending on the type, the model of your vehicle, and other factors, but if you shop elsewhere, you won't get the benefits of our low costs on high-quality Honda replacement rotors. You can never know when you're going to have to replace your brake rotors, but when you order from our inventory, we have them shipped to you as soon as possible at some of the best prices.

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If you find yourself in need of replacement brake rotors for your Honda, don't delay — driving on worn rotors could cause them to crack and result in serious damage to your vehicle and/or injury. Place your order for low cost replacement Honda rotors from All Discount Parts today.