Honda Belts & Hoses: Understanding the Inside of Your Car

The belts and hoses in your car are some of the most important parts of your engine. While a replacement serpentine belt for your Honda Accord or a replacement timing belt for your Honda Civic might sound obscure and minor, these parts are far more important than needing, say, a new air filter. The same goes for hoses, particularly your Honda's radiator hose.

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What Are Drive Belts?

We know that some of you know how the belts in your car work, but quite a few drivers have no idea just how important they are. We think it's necessary to go over everything these belts do for you, so that you can understand the importance of using only OEM replacement Honda belts.

  • Serpentine Belts: Wide and thin, featuring a series of V-shaped grooves on one side, your serpentine belt transfers power to your accessories via pulleys. It gets its name for the way it winds throughout your engine in a twisting path.
  • V-Belts: Wider at one end than the other, the cross-section of a V-belt looks like a wedge—or a “V”—and it fits in the matching groove of each accessory pulley. V-belts are still used in modern cars, but you'll find them more commonly in older vehicles.
  • Timing Belts: One of the most important parts of your engine, the timing belt connects your crank shaft and your camshaft, ensuring they turn in time with one another. Unlike V-belts and serpentine belts, if your timing belt fails, you're looking at substantial damage and repair costs.

When we said that serpentine and V-belts power accessories on your Honda, don't mistake us in thinking that these are parts of your engine you can do without. They are called “accessories” simply because they aren't main parts of your engine, but you need them none the less. Here's just a quick look at belt-driven engine component:

  • Alternators
  • Water Pumps
  • Air Conditioning Compressor
  • Radiator Cooling Fan

Now, those are some important engine elements, and if you're anything like us, you're asking how to know if your belt needs replacing. Don't worry; we've got the answer for you.

  • What Are Some Belt Warning Signs? If you notice any of these issues, you may have a belt that's on the way out: 
    • Squealing noise while accelerating
    • Slow, slapping sound while idling
    • Squealing noise while turning the steering wheel all the way to one direction or the other
    • Whirring or grinding noise while your engine is running
  • How Do I Inspect My Belts? But how can you prevent these warning signs before they happen? Examine your belts with a visual inspection once a month. We recommend replacement at least every 4 years, as some wear cannot be seen by a visual inspection. Signs of wear include
    • Glazing: The area contacting the pulleys is slick and shiny
    • Cracking: Though not always a cause for alarm in serpentine belts, a cracking V-belt requires replacement, and we believe it's better to be safe than sorry on your serpentine belt.
    • Pilling: The outer layer of your belt can wear off and build up on your drive pulleys. Replace the belt and clean the pulleys to be safe.

All Discount Parts is here for you when you need your belt(s) replaced, and while we do recommend you replace them regularly, before signs of wear occur, we'll help you find the right Honda replacement belts and ship them to you at a moment's notice.

What Are Hoses?

The hoses in your Honda transfer important fluids—coolant, fuel, power steering, and more—from their reservoirs to where they belong. While a car with a leaky hose or two may still run well, it's only a matter of time before the leak gets bigger—before the hose becomes damaged beyond repair, and you risk damaging your engine. While every hose in your engine is important, these tend to be the most replaced and also the most necessary:

  • Radiator Hoses
  • Heater Hoses
  • Air Conditioner Hoses
  • Fuel Hose
  • Power Steering Hose

We think it's pretty clear just how important these hoses are for your Honda, but as with your belts, you might be asking yourself what you can do to prevent a hose from failing and leading to serious engine troubles.

  • Hose Warning Signs: The most worrisome warning signs also tend to be the ones you'll actually notice, including:
    • The smell of gasoline while your engine is running
    • Visible fluid leaking onto the pavement beneath your vehicle 
    • Unusual burning smells (sweet smells indicate coolant, smoky can indicate transmission fluid or oil)
    • Visible smoke or steam coming out from under the hood
    • High temperature gauge reading
    • Check engine light
  • How Do I Inspect My Hoses? There are two ways to inspect your hoses: hot and cold.
    • Cold engine inspections are safer, letting you check for cracked or fraying hoses without the risk of burns. Replace any hoses that are either rigid or extremely soft and sticky.
    • Hot engine inspections can lead to injuries, but they can also show you exactly where something is leaking. Drive the car long enough to reach operating temperature, then park, turn off the vehicle, and inspect the hoses for irregularities.

Like your belts, hoses are not something to procrastinate replacing; in fact, we recommend drivers keep an extra set of hoses in their garage, if they can afford the space. We ship all over the country, and we do it quickly, but it's even better for you to have the Honda replacement hoses you need on hand when you need them.

Order Honda Replacements Belts and Hoses Today!

Whether you've noticed that your hoses or belts need replacing or you just want to have extras on hand for when you do need to replace them, All Discount Parts is here to help. We have parts for every Honda, and we'll ship your replacement radiator hose, serpentine belt, timing belt, or any other part you need and have it sent to your door as soon as possible, anywhere in the USA. Feel free to contact us, if you have further questions!