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Today I called 13 dealers in search of a part for my ailing 2013 Honda Accord. The first 12 simply told me "it's backordered with no ETA". When I called All Discount Parts, I spoke with Debbie, who offered to call Honda and find out what the story was with my backordered part. She then called me back to explain that the part has been upgraded, with a new part number. BEST customer service I have had in a LONG TIME! Thanks for being awesome, Debbie!! I am in North Carolina, but I will gladly do business in Colorado :-)
Kevin Bowen
Debbie was very helpful we doubled checked to make sure I was getting the right part. Thanks Deb
Debbie"s update's to the orders and tracking information updates made the transaction great. Fast, not having to wounder what's going on. Thanks again Debbie!
Craig assisted me with my order, he provided updates after the order was placed. Unfortunately the spoiler was damaged during shipping and it was a very easy process to get that corrected. Excellent customer service provided by Craig.
Shiven Chand
You are awesome. I owe you for all your help and patience.
These testimonies seem to have a common theme; Debbie and the solid customer care and professionalism during engagements. We worked through some issue with shipping so that I could receive my part in a timely manner as well as spent the time to investigate a part I was in search of after initial business was exchanged. Sadly, this is not the norm in our private sector. But, the "it" factor applies and is recognized by customers who have a choice in resource shopping. It matters to me and Ms. Debbie, the sales representative from All Discount Parts, is winning folks over one sale at a time.

Perry M., private owner
I ordered a mirror assembly for my 2012 Acura TL SH AWD. I looked all over the place for a used one & some wanted the same money as all discount parts wanted for brand new. It was the lowest price around & their website was easy to understand & navigate. I ordered my part without providing my VIN that is recommended. The next day I received an email from Craig saying he would like to make sure that I have ordered the correct part so if I could provide him with my VIN. I did. It was the correct part. He then gave me the run down about shipping. Overall it was a great experience. My assembly came 2 days faster than expected. It was packed with extra care. Craig was on it the whole time with fast & polite emails. I will shop here first for my future Acura & Honda needs.
When I called All Discount Parts, Debbie answered the phone and was very pleasant and helpful. She went the extra mile to help me with the Honda part I needed. It is an absolute pleasure working with someone with a positive attitude and professionalism that she demonstrated. She won me over, I will continue to do business with this company in the future.

Richard R.

Richard Reaza, Accredited Backflow resolutions
I recently came to need an HFL link for my '08 Acura, after pointless back and forth with the dealer who think we are all made of money, I started to look online, to my surprise All Discount Parts had the best price, even over online retail giant Amazon.This was my first order but the reception I received from Craig made me feel as if I was a valued repeat customer, which I will be for all my future parts needs.

Thanks to Craig and the whole team over at All Discount Parts please keep up the good work and outstanding service.
I recently ordered some parts for my 2018 Honda CRV.. Having a few questions about the parts, a message was left on the customer service telephone number. It's a good thing I did, as Debbie quickly returned my call (what a wonderful person to deal with) and she soon identified that, indeed, an additional part was necessary. I can hardly say enough good things about about how knowledgeable, gracious, and helpful Debbie was.

If I need any further parts for my Honda, they will certainly be ordered from All Discount Parts.

PS: They also had the best price on the internet.
Peter V.

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